Every single time I needed advice, explanations, Rami was always available, willing and excited to help support. His team service and professionalism offer the best client service delivery, in the most timley matter.
I will be reaching back out to Rami for my second purchase! 5/5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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thumb Sarjun Gharib
September 4, 2021

Rami is by far the best mortgage broker I have dealt with! He is professional, honest, reliable and has his clients best interest at heart. I have now closed 3 deals with Rami and each one has been smooth and effortless. Unlike other brokers I have dealt with Rami has always given me the facts ahead of time, even if it decreased the likelihood of him closing a deal. Purchasing a home and arranging finances is already a stressful process, with Rami there are no false promises, and no hidden surprises. I would recommend Rami to anyone. Thank you Rami, we sincerely appreciate your efforts!

thumb Omar Emamyar
November 4, 2021

When I first called Rami he was able to give me a pre-approval within an hour, and because of this I was able to get my first home. Throughout the buying experience Rami was always very quick to respond, professional, and reassuring. He got me a great rate in under 1 month close with no issues. Thank you!

thumb Chris M
June 4, 2021

Rami Mortgages has gone above and beyond for me. After looking around for different quotes the combination of attentiveness, open communication, and support made one of the most difficult decisions in my life feel effortless. With help from Maria as my main point of contact, I can’t imagine trying to go through this process with anyone else. I highly recommend working with Rami and his team.

thumb Kyle DeSousa
July 4, 2021

We worked with Rami 5 years ago when we purchased our first home, earlier this year to refinance, and today we are officially owners to a rental property. We could not have done any of this without him! Rami's knowledge and expertise is beyond words. He has always worked very hard to get us the best mortgage and interest rates possible and he provides 24/7 support. With his guidance we avoided so many mistakes that would have cost us a lot of $ in the long run.
We highly recommend him!! Thank you Rami for helping make everything we put our minds to possible 🙂

thumb Mariam Dnl
July 4, 2021

I was in the process of buying my first residential multi-unit property with a commercial component to it. I had started working with another mortgage broker, only to find out that he was completely unresponsive and the very few financing options that he presented to me were mediocre at best. Over a phone call on a Sunday afternoon (yes Sunday), I had a conversation with Rami and I was convinced that I had found a team member that would work tirelessly to secure financing on this property. Multi-units/commercial properties are a completely different animal when looking for financing options. Rami knew exactly how to present the property to potential lenders and low and behold, he was able to secure financing in a timely fashion. He did all of the heavy lifting, filled out all of the paper work, handled the negotiations. All I had to do was review and once satisfied, sign on the dotted line using his electronic signature platform. Rami is a good communicator, sees the big picture and has the investors interest at heart. I look forward to working with Rami and his team in the future and look forward to a long lasting relationship with him. After all, every real estate investor needs to surround themselves with a great team, and Rami is one of those team members.

thumb Gerry Lamarche
May 4, 2021

Rami is an outstanding mortgage professional. He provided unwavering support throughout the whole process, above and beyond my expectations. His knowledge and professionalism and dedication completely put my mind at ease. He answered my myriad questions in a way I could completely understand. He is honest, sincere, and truly cares about his clients. If you want the best, you need to call Rami today!! Thanks again Rami

thumb Anna M
July 4, 2021

Simply put. Rami is honest, a hard worker and genuinely wants to do the best he can for you. Always available for a call and responds 7 days a week. Even during this pandemic, where very few could handle the pressure of the market and could not meet deadlines or left you on the sidelines. Rami connected all the players involved, pushed harder and got it done. And of course a great rate. I do not think anyone could have done it better. I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you Rami!

thumb Omar Kraya
June 4, 2021

We are downsizing and needed a temporary mortgage to see us through the buy / sell process, Rami's services were recommended by our real-estate agent and with good reason, Rami offfered us transparent and very professional service. I liked the help so much that I advised my daughter. who will be a first-time buyer, to use his services.

thumb Michael Giroux
November 4, 2021